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About Us

Darrell Dean is a dedicated and successful small business owner, proudly offering exceptional products and services to customers and partners worldwide.  Customer service is paramount to Darrell.

Formally trained as a professional accountant (Certified General Accountant - CPA, CGA) with a university degree in economics, in 2001 Darrell left his successful corporate career to begin a new direction in his own search for personal development, freedom and prosperity.  Darrell's mission is to awaken people to the possibilities for experiencing greater abundance.

A dynamic, empowering and entertaining entrepreneur, he awakes each day with a deep commitment to help others achieve their "Plan B."

In 2005 Darrell published Robert Collier's timeless classic self-help book "Be Rich:  The Science of Getting What You Want."  This publication came about as a labor of love and desire to share Mr. Collier's important message to others.  This book fits perfectly with Darrell's philosophy of personal development as a key component for personal success.

Other online businesses owned and operated by Darrell include:

Darrell's other successful offline ventures in the past include:   a bicycling touring company, conducting tours in the southern area of England and the Loire Valley area of France; two Network Marketing companies; a Financial Planning and Consulting company; and, a professional futures/commodity trader practice.

Darrell lives in the Kingston, Ontario, Canada area with his wife Sue and daughter Ashley.  He enjoys fishing, boating, skiing, writing and playing the piano.


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